Mineral Titles

Transparent Management of Mineral Titles on a “first come, first served” basis. Application of the principle of “use it or lose it” to Mineral Titles. Use of time limits for granting titles

Mining Gateway

Promotion of Private Sector Investment in Non Oil Minerals sector. Improvement of the Investment Climate and Attraction of Foreign Investors. Revenue Generation and Mining Sector Development.

Dedicated Team

The Agency has a dedicated and responsive team working assiduously to ensure that Mineral Titles applications are processed within the shortest time possible

Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office

Gateway to the Nigeria Mining Sector

According to Punch Newspaper, Nigeria’s solid minerals industry has the capacity to generate yearly revenue of $60 billion if properly harnessed. The Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office provides the entry point from which investors would commence their journey by seeking information and applying for the category of license they want

5000+ Mineral Titles and Counting….

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MCO has a Dedicated and Effective Team

The Nigeria Mining Cadastre Team is modelled to provide long-term support to the mining community; therefore, the team is well trained, focused on tasks, effective in communicating and has a positive attitude towards work. In fact, the Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office is run based on international best practices.

The Team Processes over 2,000 Applications Annually

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Great and Responsive Help Desk

Our Help Desk is setup to effectively handle customer issues and needs beyond satisfaction. We ensure that customers receive responsive, timely, competent and appropriate support that enables them to achieve their needs, desired outcomes and investment goals. We value our stakeholders.

Providing great support to improve investment in Nigeria’s mining industry

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Core Values

Priority (first come first served)

Use it or lose it (Licensed activity must be carried out)

Objectivity (based on legally-defined sets of regulations and procedures);

Non-discretionary (same rules for all)

Transparency (open to consultation of the maps and registers).

Security of Tenure (No arbitrary termination before end of title validity)

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