Conflict Resolution

Administering and managing mineral titles responsibility come, not only with prospects, but with burdens of managing conflicts which may arise between stakeholders or with the MCO.

MCO has designated the Monitoring and Coordination Department to handle disputes of all types and relate with the Director General.

The department approaches resolution of these conflicts in such a way that litigation is avoided as much as possible. So far, we have experienced less than 1% litigation as outcome of resolving conflicts. Our approach is hinged on the following principles:

We engage the parties rather than avoid any of them no matter how difficult the situation or the parties may seem to be

We affiliate ourselves with each party so they understand we are not threats, rather partnering to arrive at acceptable resolutions

We are empathic as we understand everyone and able to communicate with them based on their views. Once the parties feel that their positions are understood, discussions would be easier.

We build trust so the parties will understand that there will be integrity in the process and resolutions. Trust will also drastically limit the position of any party insisting on getting their way.

We help parties take ownership of their actions rather than blame others. This way, we remove all roadblocks towards resolution by analyzing how each party has contributed to the conflict situation

We ensure a non emotional conversation as we carefully avoid exhibition of emotional actions during responses like folding of arms, sighing, interjecting, rolling eyes, etc. This helps to create a balanced atmosphere.